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"We all have innate gifts and talents; we want our students to explore what theirs are and allow them to grow as confident individuals."

Dr. David Vinson , Ph.D. Superintendent Wylie ISD

For our 5th graders, The VIA Institute of Character provides an age appropriate survey for free, that our students take to learn their top character strengths. One reason we use this survey is because it is founded in deep research from the University of Pennsylvania. Also our parents can take the survey for free as well then you and your child can talk about your similarities and differences! 

In Wylie ISD, we want our students and staff to know what is right with them!  They all have strengths innate within them and we want them to know what they are and how to grow them. What an amazing world we can have if we all get to use our strengths each and every day.

Our students in grade 5 and grade 9 take a strengths survey to help determine what those strengths are. When you ask yourself, what are some positive words to describe yourself, it’s not always easy to answer. Because we so deeply believe that starting with the positive is the best way, we want to be intentional with our time and allow our students the opportunity to learn those great things about themselves. 

To make it even more meaningful and exciting, we provide a strengths shirt to all of our 5th graders so they can color in their top 5 strengths and the whole campus community can celebrate their strengths!

For our 9th graders, we use the Naviance system which provides the Clifton StrengthsExplorer assessment to teach them their top 3 strengths themes. They take their assessment during a lesson on Map Your Future Day because we know that helping a student explore future opportunities works best when they know they have so many good things to offer!

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