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Getting Started The Wylie Way

It's Just The Wylie Way


wylie way framework responsib

Core Value

1st 9 Weeks


wylie way framework Giving

Core Value

2nd 9 Weeks


wylie way framework grit

Core Value

3rd 9 Weeks


wylie way framework celebration

Core Value

4th 9 Weeks

What we do

Getting Started

The very heart of the Wylie Way lies in our values so getting started The Wylie Way is easy!  

The Wylie Way is a movement in our schools that fosters responsible, caring and ethical young people through an emphasis on the core values of the Wylie ISD community. The core values are fundamental beliefs of the Wylie Independent School District. They are the guiding beliefs that dictate the behavior and actions of our employees and students.

Each one of these core value groups are so important that they are embedded in the school curriculum along with activities and focal days per instructional nine-week period.  We call those days the Wylie Way Days!

Surrounding our students with positive relationships and useful resources is the The Wylie Way so that is why it is so important to us to spend time each 9 weeks focusing on a different core value and incorporating that focus into each day.  

Each Campus

Recognizes Core Values

In Unique Ways


Intentionally Designated Days

Every 9 Weeks


Ethical Young People

In Our Schools

Research Based

Nationally Recognized


The heart of the Wylie Way lies in our values

Wylie Way Days


1st 9 Weeks

September 13th- Wylie Way Day
October 7th- Wylie Way Day Follow Up

3rd 9 Weeks

February 7th- Wylie Way Day
March 4-8th- College Week
March 6th- Wylie Way Day Follow Up

2nd 9 Weeks

October 18th- Unity Day
October 23th- Food Drive Kick-Off
November 11th- Veterans Day
November 27th- Wylie Way Christmas Begins
December 6th- Relationships Day

4th 9 Weeks

March 20th- International Day of Happiness
April 2th- Ripples of Hope
April 17th-Day of Gratitude
May 6-10th- Teacher Appreciation Week
May 17th-Day of Celebration

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